Dances & Parties


With Party Medics, you will get your dance done the way you want it.

    We listen to our clients, giving you total control of your event. 

    You will get to choose what music you would like to have played, or not played.  We do edit a lot of our music so as not to offend our clients or their guests.

    You choose how much interactivity you would like at your event (mild - announcements only, to highly interactive - where we teach dances, do contests, give out prizes, and interact with your guests). 

    You well get to choose how large a sound system you would like (standard 2 speaker system, to a surround sound system complete with subwoofers).

    To enhance your dancing experience, we also provide various special effects lighting.  Once again you choose how large a light show you would like to have (a few for flair, or enough to give you that club effect).


Your Dance - Done Your Way

More Special Effects


Fog Machines

Bubble Machines

Snow Machines

Confetti Cannons

Toilet Paper Shooter


For more information, or to book us for your next event:

Phone: (360) 704-8310


© 2011 Copyright - The Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia DJ Specialists.

More Special Effects


Uplighting (Decor Lighting)

Monogram Lighting

(Your Name In Lights)


Club Style Scanners

New LED Special Effects

Projector & Screen Rentals

Theme Dance Setup

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