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Here are a few events that we have performed at.

Please keep in mind that these events were customized by our clients needs and wants.

If you see something you like, we can incorporate that into your event, and likewise, if there is something you don’t like, we will make sure to omit it from your event.

You will note, there is a lot of line dancing and group interaction at this wedding, as requested by our clients.

These clients wanted little interaction, but a wide variety of music styles.

We can do any style of event you like; simply elegant, a grand affair, an evening of elegance, lots of interaction, to just making your announcements, all the way up to a night on the town - full club effect.  It is all up to you.


Schools & Youth Events

Elementary School Sock Hop

Lots of interaction

More videos are being edited and will be posted soon.

Double Sweet 16 Black Light Dance

Sample Videos

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